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The Big Lie, How the Coverup is Managed

The limited number of individuals in the know until recently, as Planet X was not visible to the common man. Who were these individuals, and by what route did they learn of the pending passage? Amateur astronomers in the know. The press from the public when the Second Sun became visible in 2003. How the increased earthquake activity was handled. How word spread from friend to friend, and who the elite give clues as to their bunkers and plans. The arms of the cover-up, including NASA and observatories, scientists working for universities or corporations, the media, and heads of government. The 3 stages of the cover-up, and how we are in the last stage at present. How the elite share these secrets among themselves. What world leaders were aware prior to the year 2000, and who is aware at present. The real agenda during the meetings of heads of government from around the world in France and Europe on the May 28, 2003. Why the passage is an impossible message for a government to deliver to its peoples. Why face to face meetings are the only venue for discussion about Planet X, and what heads of government are negotiating when they meet.