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Increasing Illness as the Pole Shift Approaches

Emanations from the core of the Earth creating albinos such as the White Buffalo, and mutations in frogs and other creatures. Albinos on the increase, worldwide. Relationship to white eye-less fish in caves. How climate change changes to germs around you. Epidemics of known diseases and re-emergence of older diseases and how this relates to climate change and repressed immune systems. Why immune systems are dropping and what to do about it. Morgellons as an example. Sun scald that has emerged since 2003 and the arrival of Planet X, and its effect on crops and people. Extent of crop failure due to weather swings and how poor nutrition affects the immune system. Stress diseases, and how to counter them. The basis of anorexia and why it is on the increase. Auto-immune diseases and how to counter its base cause. Why cancer is often a death wish and why it responses to a renewed will to live. Why attitude it the most important ingredient during troubled times, and why live after the pole shift will improve dramatically.