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The Passage, a Short Story, Survivor Groups

The Passage is a story about several different groups as they experience a pole shift. The Passage was first writen as a script, then later as a short story. It is the short story that is being presented here, with character descriptions from the script. Part 3 of The Passage, a short story, continues. The group from the ranch discover evidence of canibalism. The ranch survivors reach the river, encountering another survival group which welcomes them, but the rogue military group and the cannibals are both pursuing them. They are followed by the rogue military unit whose general is enraged by some of his unit deserting to help the survivors. On the run again, the survivors must deal with wild dog packs until they arrive at a Dome City in the woods, under the protection of Zetas and including hybrid children among the residents. The survivors of the small plane crash have split from the group to rig an air balloon and return to the East Coast, passing over horrific sights along the way. A Colonel, who has deserted the rogue military unit to help the survivors, sets out to retrieve his family and bring them back to the safety of the Dome City.