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The Passage, a Short Story, Signs and Theories

The Passage is a story about several different groups as they experience a pole shift. The Passage was first writen as a script, then later as a short story. It is the short story that is being presented here, with character descriptions from the script. The passage has not yet appeared in a publication nor on the screen, though repeated interest has been shown by those in the business. Part 1 of the story follows Danny, a young journalist, who encounters the cover-up when he tries to publish a theory held by a local East Coast professor. In this first segment of the story, Danny is discouraged at being dismissed by his editor, Mr. Maya. He goes on a camping trip to the West with his girl friend Daisy. Hitting it off with another couple, Frank and Jane, up in the Rockies, they discuss professor Issac's theories and the congruence of prophecy and folklore and geographic evidence. The campers, finding satellite interference with phone calls, red dust powdering their cars, and a late dawn, take refuge at a local ranch when the pole shift hits.