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Point of Passage, Earth vs Planet X

What point is Planet X closest to Earth? Where the trajectory of Planet X places it in relationship to Earth. Rapid approach into the inner solar system, and why the creep past the Sun occurs. How gravity attraction and repulsion works, mankind's mistaken impressions, and what effect this has on the sling orbit of Planet X. Magnetic alignment of the planets in the solar system, and what part the Sun's magnetic field plays. What gyrations Planet X makes as it traverses the Sun's magnetic flow lines, and what this does to the poor Earth in the vicinity. The 270° roll of Planet X and where we are in this process today. 3 days of darkness in Catholic lore, 6 days of sunrise West in Islamic lore, and what Plato had to say about it. Why the ZetaTalk triangle describing the Point of Passage has recently come to make perfect sense. Why the days before the pole shift are hot, and how close the Earth is drawn toward the Sun before being flung back into her orbit.