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ZetaTalk Accuracy, Proof Just Keeps Coming

Our Sun as a binary, early 1995 ZetaTalk specifics and lastest info based on the orbits of Sedna and Zena. Sun scald, described by ZetaTalk and noted since 2003, admitted by scientists. Repeated warning by the Zetas to guard against work camps, enslavement in camps, and the recent Haliburton contract to setup such detention camps on vacant military bases in the US. ZetaTalk prediction in 1999 on increased migration in the years ahead of the pole shift, and statistics on Mexican illegals. ZetaTalk warnings in 1996 on satellite failure rates going into the time of the pole shift, evidence of this in the news, and recent frank warnings of devastation to come by NASA. Columbia disaster and evidence on photos that ZetaTalk description was correct. Monster waves on the increase, recently breaking all records. Weather swings, wild temperature swings, and early ZetaTalk predictions. Iran warnings, decapitation process, and red rain in Kerala indeed life from space.