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The Devastating Tail of Planet X

Components of the tail. What arrives at Earth during the pole shift and what does not. Why the red dust comes first. Composition and origin of the red dust. Early evidence of red dust in 2003. Red dust as a countdown sign, and hours before the pole shift computed. Sequence of events during the pole shift. Physical evidence of massive hail storms during previous passages, and folklore descriptions. Meteors and fireballs, on the increase since 2003. How large will the debris get? How to shelter against hail and large debris during the tail lashings. The origin of oil, not what assumed. Firestorms in folklore during pole shifts, and how to protect against them. Sequence of events during the pole shift, and how the tail lashing can be used as a guide during timing. Recent increase in meteor activity since 2003, and the coverup that followed. What to anticipate in 2006, as the tail is again turning toward Earth.