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Self Defense in the Aftertime

Importance of keeping a low profile regarding location of survival site and supplies and plans. How to avoid uninvited opportunists and looting. How to avoid those who have not planned and are looking for a handout and to be waited on hand and foot. The dangers in hoarding and the better approach - sharing know-how and skills for food production. Places to avoid - elite enclaves that will be raided, military bases, cities, and government work camps. What kind of aid form benign aliens to expect, and who will qualify. Why a Mad Max world will be short lived, and the likely end of gangs formed from prison breaks or sociopath gangs in the Aftertime. How oppressed citizens will rise against their oppressors after the shift, due to supply chain breakage. Dangers of guns and knives when insanity will run rampant in the Aftertime. Alternative self defense by chosing the right location, keeping a low profile, and vigilante justice.