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The Sling Orbit of Planet X

How a sling orbit can form. Why the sling orbit takes 3,657 years, and the pause points. Evidence that our Sun is a binary, the location and distance of the second sun in the binary duo. Why the outer planets and long period comets lean toward Orion. Lively debate on sci.astro in 1998 on evidence that NASA was aware and searching for Planet X in the direction of Orion. Magazine quotes from the early 1980's. Sling orbit speed limits and whether escape velocity applies. Why Planet X slows as it nears one of its suns, the slowing influences, and why it assumes a sharp angle as it passes through the solar system, not lining up with the other planets in the Ecliptic. What factor the gravity repulsion force plays, and mathematical proof of the repulsion force during sci.astro debate on what holds the Moon up in the sky. Where Planet X is today in its sling orbit, and what to expect next.