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The Dropping Dollar, Where is this Leading?

Why paper money systems such as dollars, stock certificates, bonds, are based on confidence unless backed by collateral. The relative value of even solid items such as jewels or art work during the pole shift. What perks wealth brings, and the many ways people seek to wrap themselves in the trappings. The lure of get-rich-quick schemes. How the money system, as a basic confidence system, will collapse during the coming times. How the barter system will replace the financial structures. How the super wealthy control political and corporate actions, and why the wealthy and middle classes will panic when the structure starts collapsing. Why the wealthy fear the common man being freed from financial bonds, and the steps they hope to take to hold the common man in bondage. Signs that the US is at the point of financial collapse. What the trade deficit with China, China's oil interests, and the threatening war with Iran have to do with each other.