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ZetaTalk Accuracy, Recent Examples

Dramatic changes in the Afar Triangle in Africa, unfolding per the 2002 ZetaTalk Scripted Drama for pre-shift stretch zones. Recent mining accidents from Canada to Mexico along the diagonal pull in the N American plate, per 2004 ZetaTalk predictions. Groaning earth after tsunami quake in Sumatra, per the ZetaTalk 1999 predictions on this noise. Increase in number and locations of tornadoes, per 1999 ZetaTalk predictions. Increase in weather swings per 1995 ZetaTalk predictions. Weather extremes due to Earth wobble per 2004 ZetaTalk prediction. Storm clash examples per 2002 ZetaTalk predictions. High tides in India per a 2004 ZetaTalk prediction. Global warming models incorrect per a 1995 ZetaTalk prediction. UFO activity increase per a 1995 ZetaTalk prediction. Alien bodies sighted per a 1998 ZetaTalk prediction. Triangular UFO with English words per a 1995 ZetaTalk statement. Stardust probe heat generated comet dust particles per a 1995 ZetaTalk Oort Cloud statement.