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Robots, Can They Take Over?

Examples of thinking, feeling robots in our movies, including AI, I Robot, Wizard of Oz, Stepford Wives, Terminator, and Star Wars. Why we as humans are so fascinated with such a robot. The use of organic materials in alien computers, as demonstrated by the crash at Kecksburg, alien spaceships under mental control. Why these telepathic ships crash when in human hands. Why humans cannot be so controlled, as in the movie Manchurian Candidate. Telepathy in the human brain, the biological imperatives. Plans to use DNA in computers, how this works. Where is the line on the prohibition over enslaving life lie? The Kerala meteor red rain, living cells from outer space, which can propagate like life. What it means for life to have consciousness, be sentient, and have choice, and why robots using organic material do not have these features. Description of artificial intelligence goals for computers, and whether these goals have been met. Computer can outplay man in a game of chess, but can they truly think? Man's limitations, and the limitations of robots.