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Judgement Day and the Reincarnation Process

What happens when we die? What factors are taken into consideration during critique time, and who gets to judge. How selfish does a Service-to-Self need to be before graduating to the prison planets? How selfless the Service-to-Other before they qualify to graduate into their communities? How reincarnations occur, their role in the decision process. The polarization and division of the spiritual orientations during the Transformation process, and what life will be like on their different worlds for those who are selfish, selfless, or undecided. Saying goodby, during the separation process, talking with the dead. Why the selfish may be taken away in human form, to the prison colonies. What happens during a Near Death Experience, and what would have occurred had the death not been aborted. What one's life circumstances of tribulations have to do with spiritual growth, a surprising answer! Best advise on how to become Service-to-Other, and sort out hidden agendas.