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The Power of the Caring Heart

Why Service-to-Others communities fare well, and how they compare to Communism, Capitalism, and communities guided by organized religion. Examples on Earth. How to identify a Service-to-Others person, and characteristics of the spiritually immature. How actions, and preparations for the coming pole shift, show spiritual maturity or immaturity. How the caring heart is guided during troubled times, for greater success. The role of contactee groups, or behind the scenes meetings on space ships. How contactees are being guided to meet each other and migrate to safe locations. Relationship of the Star Wars trilogies to the current Bush administration end times games. How Service-to-Others communities will deal with the selfish or lazy, and techniques that work best. Under what circumstances zeta/human hybrids will become neighbors, and share their technology. Factors that prevent technology sharing, or enhance the likelihood. The perpetual power pack, and how to interface with such a gift.