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Oashpe, a True Channeled Book

When and where written. Topics covered by the Oashpe with parallels to ZetaTalk. Planet X termed the Red Star. Description of orbit and magnetic effect on the Earth. What happened to Atlantis, and how the demise of Atlantis was assisted. The Kosmon era, intended from the start for the Earth. Aliens in attendance, both good and bad by nature. Grades of spirits, from infantile to angelic. How the spiritual ranks interact with each other. Crowded incarnations, ghosts, and possession. How Columbus was assisted to locate America, and how the Constitution was assisted in its birth. The role of those who had been killed during the Inquisitions. Organized religion and politicians, how these become corrosive. How contactees are inspired. God's work by good deeds, not by words. The time after the pole shift, and the formation of new communities. What trades and professions will be continued, and which discarded.