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Global Quakes, What the USGS Won't Address

Onset of global quakes in March, 2003. What constitutes a global quake, characteristics, number of countries participating, relationship and timing of earthquakes. USGS answers to queries, avoidance of the issue utterly. USGS dumbing down the Richters, and evidence that this is going on. 12 hour wobbles and blobbles preceeding or after a global quake, and the cause. How magma surges contribute. Relationship and timing of volcanic activity to global quakes. Yellowstone and New Madrid seismograph 12 hour signatures. How and why the Atlantic Rift acts like a magnet on the surface of the Earth. Relationship of this magnet to the global quakes, and continental rip. Sweeping arms of the Sun and the whiplash or ricochet they cause between the Earth, Planet X, and the dark twin of Earth. Dramatic increase of volcanic activity since 2003. How the Earth's crust shatters, and affects civilization. Rotation stoppage in folklore, and how this relates to global quakes.