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Aftertime - the Hours, Months, and Years after the Pole Shift

Choas in the hours after the pole shift, regardless of planning. Role of action lists to direct anger and anxiety. How the Y2000 crisis relates to the coming pole shift. Taking advantage of all the rotting bodies. Migrating germs. What to do when emergency services are overwhelmed by the injured. When, how, and why rotation of the globe restarts. The new geography, and how this is affected by melting poles. The new N Pole, and the magnetic/geographic alignment anticipated. How the worlds deserts will be affected by the climate changes. How plans for Martial Law or a carryon government will play out. How the elite bunkers will fare, and what this means for survivors. How vegetation and wildlife adjust to a climate change. Volcanic dust, and the new prevailing westerly winds. Whether a nuclear winter scenario will emerge. The best planned survival community with hydroponics and wind and water power and carbon arc lamps. The likely survival community eating bugs or chicken and fish and low-light gardening endeavors.