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Decapitation, Demise of the Bush Administration

Determination of Bush & Co to secure the White House in 2000, Supreme Court fiat, Gore winning the popular vote. Relationship to expected arrival of Planet X in 2003. US Military revolt against Bush, removing football August 2003. Precedence during Nixon era. Navy hanging with Bush, thus Bush forcing resignations in the military and assignment of Admiral to Northcom. Subsequent Navy revolt. Kerry desired by Puppet Master due to military background, hoping to bind the military to again to the US. Puppet Master rage when 2004 election fraud kept Bush in power. How vote fraud is accomplished and leaves no trail. Reasons for Kerry's concession. Puppet Master revenge via economics, Federal Reserve rates, and leaks such as Downing Street, CIA redition, Plane affair, NSA spying. Likelihood of Martial Law called by a panic stricken Bush, and likelihood of success.