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UFO's, Are They Warning Us?

UFO blitz. O'Hare field on Nov 7, 2006, denied for 2 months. New Years Eve in New York City. Istanbul Turkey on Jan 5, 2007. Air Force officer photograph of bright orbs in Arkansas on Jan 9, 2007. Mass sightings in S Carolina and N Carolina on Jan 25, 2007. Hawaii beach on Jan 27, 2007. And Islington, London, Feb 2, 2007. And the new Phoenix Lights in Arizona on Feb 10, 2007. Mass sightings in the past, in Mexico City in 1991, and the Phoenix Lights of 1997. Why the recent sightings are different, being beyond getting acquainted with the alien presence. The St Lawrence Seaway rip, and how this will affect Chicago shortly. The sinking Mediterranean, lost Egyptian cities under the waves, Black Sea history of being a fresh water swamp, and how this will affect Istanbul shortly. Hawaii, subject to tsunami and tidal bore. The New Madrid fault line and associated fault lines, and how this will affect Arkansas and the Carolinas shortly.