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2005 Year in Review, Trends Past and Pending

A dozen examples of how ZetaTalk predictions emerged during 2005. The pole shift scripted drama, and how this was shown by the Sumatra tsunami quake and the African Rift expansion in Ethiopia in 2005. The stretch zone, a ZetaTalk term, manifested in the US in Oklahoma and in an exploding refinery in the UK, and in a stretch stench is both continents earlier in 2005. Earth torque, again a ZetaTalk prediction made no where else, showed up consistenly on IRIS charts thoughout 2005. Accentuated wobble as observed by many as 2005 ends. Return of the Second Sun. 2005 hurricane season, snow in summer in Somalia, and high tides in India and California. ZetaTalk predictions about Bin Laden, Saudi oil, bird flu, and Bush administration decapitation process and 2005 facts and revelations. Why the Terri Schiavo case was a Constitutional challenge. What is pending for 2006.