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Scrounging, How Trash May Become Your Treasure

Scrounging, defined. How to live with being called a junk collector. Old shoes into slingshots. Chicken wire and rope collecting crawfish dinners. Bamboo bean poles into a 58 lb. bow. Clear plastic and a bowl distilling seawater into potable water. Pots and pans making an efficient distiller. Teepees and thatched shelters in the wild. Shipping containers as homes. The many uses of soda bottles, including floatation for houseboats. Wood hoop barrels from scratch. Recipe for adobe bricks using empty milk cartons. Where to scrounge for manual tools, and how to smelt using junk. Windmills from car parts. Bike sprockets for windmill gear ratios. LeJay Manual sources. Windmill blades from wood and canvas and other junk. Nebraska windmill. Braking the windmill. Old bike frames into battery chargers. Car alternators and generators and other permanent magnet sources. Canola as motor oil. Ram pumps from broken plumbing parts. Uses for bike punctured inner tubes. What books to buy.