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The Call, Be Careful What You Ask For

What is the Call? How free will factors in, and why humans can refuse the Call, even if accidentally given. How humans may or may not be giving The Call for a conference with aliens while being curious, in prayer, or during seances, while unaware they are doing so. Why intuition can be a clue to what is going on. How aliens in the Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self monitor the human population for The Call, and how and why their techniques differ. If incantations are The Call, and what goes on during Satanic rituals. Which humans are prime targets, what constitutes a prime target, and the mega Call response that results. The criteria for a response for a technology Call, or a desire in a human to serve as a prophet. Examples of The Call, and results, citing several famous people. How a collective or group Call is handled, or conflicting Calls simultaneously given. And where are the Spirit Guides during all of this?