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French Live Radio Interview with Veronique
June 4, 2003

It lasted 2.5 hours and they played your [Nancy’s] last Lou Gentile show at the end, for the people to hear your voice, the way you express yourself and the way the ZT speak through you. I thought it was fair. The guy from the radio emailed me that he had enjoyed it a lot, and that "as expected", the astronomer behaved fairly "open-minded". Which I did not find really. At the beginning, we spoke mainly of the 12th, the announced epoch of spring/summer 2003 etc. and I was asked to read the translation you suggested to me [Scripted Drama of PS]. The astronomer could see that I knew about astronomy. So he thought it would go on in a debate among astronomers of sorts.

But I went on a bit provocating since during the second part I wanted to speak about the whole message and it became wierd (to my pleasure) when I announced the 12th was inhabited but the people there would not come back any longer like in the past because of the Council of Worlds, "don't worry, etc." I think he could have swallowed the microphone. I spoke a bit about the transformation, the orientation, etc. and he could not stand that. So I had some nice replies such as "bullshit", "cult", "dull believer", etc. And I was very quiet and to my own surprise, could answer all the time and make my point. Well I think, and will listen to the archive tomorrow.

We went back to the PS after that but he was not "open minded" any longer and he wanted to debunk it all. To a point the radio guy made him notice he was in contradiction sometimes. Typical behaviour of a guy who has decided he cannot decently talk with people accepting "any" assumption like that. Funny. About the calls there has been a pathetic one and a great one. The pathetic one was a woman asking the astronomer how he could stand to be in such a show, and that she admired his "courage"! As if I had been a dangerous beast with SARS or what? The great one was that Stephane called. He asked about the SOHO anomalies and as he speaks very well, sounds very technical, he has been carefully listened to. They put note of the links he gave. And as I had spoken about his picture, I asked him to tell more so the astronomer got eventually interested (not this crazy woman any longer).

Well I concluded that I was convinced you were a sincere person, and that any strange assumption should not be ignored, which was a soft conclusion since it is already a big step in France. They asked me how to join the French forum and I got 4 subscription requests today.

Regards, Verronique

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