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June22 NOON in Guyana : 17 minutes LATE
I live in Guyana, in South America. Following your advice to verify for ourselves that rotation is slowing. Ichecked the time the sun was at high noon, today June 22nd , with the aid of a marker, and it was 11.32 am. My watch should have shown the time as 12.00 , since the sun was directly overhead. I am a bit confused here since this would seem to indicate that the sun reached the high noon position 28 minutes early! Could you explain , if possible. Is rotation faster or slower?. No daylight saving time in effect here in Guyana.

I have the answer! I checked in my SkyMap program for high noon position (it rises up, then descends, and the high point is high noon) and could not find a listing for Guyana but did for Caracas. This did indeed show 12:00 no DST to be high noon, BUT, you are a distance to the west so your noon would come early! I could not find a major city in your area, so took the distance from Caracas to you and found it to be Detroit MI to Boston MA. Did 15 minutes steps for these cities from 12:00 to 2:15 (both are on DST) and found this:
High Noon (high arc position) for Detroit is 1:37 with DST
High Noon (high arc position) for Boston is 12:52 with DST
There is a difference of 45 minutes! So you reading, given this, was actually NOT 28 minutes early, but rather 17 minutes LATE! :-)
June 22 SunSET in Spain : 3 minutes EARLY
Ibiza sunset data. Schedule: 21:23, 1st hit: 21:20, disappearance: 21:22
June 22 SunSET in Texas : 17 minutes EARLY
Today the sun set at 8:20 instead of 8:37. Waco, TX It is gradually increasing. 17 minutes early.
June 22 SunSET in Dallas : 15 minutes LATE
I´m from Southeastern Texas and I know I saw Planet X. I looked up at the sky around 8:50 PM (by the way, the sun was supposed to have set already, but it was still up) [8:40 projected time for Dallas, Sun still fully up, estimated delay 15 minutes].
June 22 SunSET in Washington : 14 minutes EARLY
I live in Tacoma, WA and the sun set at 8:57. According to the Navy chart it should have set at 9:11. That's 14 minutes early!
June 22 SunSET in Virginia : 8 minutes EARLY
Allowing additional time for the Sun to move from the tree tops to the horizon, it still seemed to set at least 8 minutes early. The meteorologist stated it would set at 8:35 PM. By 8:25 PM, it appeared to be at or below the horizon. It was only after the Sun set that the clouds took on a red/pink color that was breathtakingly beautiful and stretched across a large expanse of the sky.