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June 21 SunRISE in Wisconsin : 27 minutes LATE
Late sunrise today comparable to yesterday, same location, same Sun, but marker between trees is not on horizon due to hills, and not the same marker as used by second sunrise report, below.
June 21 SunRISE in Wisconsin : 3 minutes LATE
Walking to where I could see the ball of the sun coming up over the horizon [hilly area] I noted a good 3 minute delay against the reported sunrise of 5:20 AM for Madison.
June 21 SunRISE in Wales : 4 minutes LATE
Here in South Wales I was up at 4 AM to see the 05:00 Summer Solstice sunrise on a megalithic monument known as King Arthur´s stone. What a show. Rose at 5:02 4 mins later than should have by the way.
June 21 NOON in Florida : 30 minutes LATE
The sun did not reach the midpoint in Florida until 1:30 PM ET.
June 21 NOON in Missouri : 9 minutes LATE
In Missouri: Noon on 21st was at least 5 minutes lates. Could have been 14 minutes late. [Will strike a balance and say 9 minutes late.]
June 21 SunSET in Spain : 11 minutes LATE
Posted time was 21:20:00 It is now 21:31 and the sun is just setting.
June 21 SunSET in Missouri : 14 minutes EARLY
Sunset was 14 minutes early again June 21st! VERY ORANGE-RED. Strange looking.
June 21 SunSET in Texas : 13 minutes EARLY
In Waco, TX sunset 13 minutes early Sunset 8:24 supposed to set 8:37 PM