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June 20 SunRISE in Wisconsin : 27 minutes LATE
Late sunrise today compared to yesterday, same location, same Sun.
June20 NOON in Oklahoma : 19 minutes LATE
This is my first time to use a sundial but isn't the idea to not have a shadow at high noon? 12:00pm - Shouldn't be a shadow and there is; 12:42pm - Still a shadow w/sundial; 1:06pm - Still a shadow w/sundial; 1:15pm to 1:20pm - Finally no shadow with sundial; 1:23pm - Shadow moved to the other side of sundial.
June20 NOON in Ontario : 7 minutes LATE
From Scarborough Ontario Canada, my marker at 1 PM shows a displacement of 5 to 12 minutes (Jun 18-20).
June 20 NOON in Florida : 15 minutes LATE
I am also checking the midday sun from Florida and it has yet to peak at midday. It is about 10 degrees East of midpoint at 1:10 PM ET. Believe what you will but I for one am convinced and have been for some time now. High noon at 1:15 today, 15 minutes late.
June 20 NOON in Indiana : 0 minutes LATE
Northern Indiana 0 minutes late High Noon with marker (6-20).
June 20 SunSET in Missouri : 14 minutes LATE
Sunset today, June 20, was 14 minutes late. The pinkish clouds were stretched out about one fourth of the horizon here in mid Missouri.
June 20 SunSET in Texas : 12 minutes EARLY
I was checking today the sun set at 8:24 when scheduled to set at 8:36. Waco, TX
June 20 SunSET in Missouri : 0 minutes EARLY
St Louis, MO Sunset time for 6/20 8:29. My vantage point is not perfect, but looks close enough for me.
June 20 SunSET in Florida : 11 minutes EARLY
Sunset in Key West according to observations was at 8:09 PM as opposed to 8:20 PM actual time, 11 minutes early June 20. [and from another poster] Thats exactly the time I got also. 20:09 PM ET. Actual sunset is suppose to be 8:20 PM ET.
June 20 SunSET in New Mexico : 17 minutes EARLY
Mountain Daylight Time, USA (New Mexico) Sunset Report: 7:58 sun below horizon. I believe sunset should be much later like 8:15 or so.
June 20 SunSET in Texas : 18 minutes LATE
Sunset is supposed to be at 8:35 CST here for this cam. It is now 8:42 CDT but if you turn the contrast down the sun fills up the entire frame. .... Now it is 8:49 CDT, and the street lights went on, but what is that huge light that fills the frame? ... it is now 8:52 CDT and sunset was supposed to be 15 minutes ago in this webcam. Does not look set to me. If the cam is broken, why did the street lights come on?
June 20 SunSET in Missouri : 14 minutes EARLY
In Missouri: Sunset on 20th was at least 14 minutes early.