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Oct 9 NOON in Novosibirsk : 61 minutes EARLY
I`m from RUSSIA, Novosibirsk. I`m looking for situation from March 2003. High Noon - Early 61 min !!! and Moon Higher, rise Easter and Early, set Wester and Late !!!
Oct 9 NOON in Virginia : 4 minutes LATE
True noon via compass occurred at 12:30PM, with breeze blowing EAST. This is 10 minutes earlier than true noon on 10/7. While waiting for the 1:00PM shadow, the breeze shifted to the WEST. The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 1:04PM - 4 minutes LATE on 10/9 in VA. On 10/7, the Sun's shadow was 2 minutes early.
Oct 9 NOON in El Paso : 72 minutes LATE
Today, Thursday, 10-09-03, in El Paso, the Sun reached the Noon position at 1405 hrs MDT (Transit Time 1253). Using magnetic N, the time was 1319 hrs.