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Oct 7 NOON in Virginia : 2 minutes EARLY
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 12:58PM on 10/7 in VA - exactly ON TIME according to the Navel Observatory's Sun transit time of 12:58PM for Richmond, VA on 10/7. OR, 2 minutes EARLY the way I have been reporting (by measuring the time in relationship to 1PM EDST). True noon occurred approximately 12:40PM - clouds prevented a definite reading.
Oct 7 NOON in Seattle : 74 minutes LATE
10/07 Reading: 2:10 Chart: 12:56 Seattle
Oct 7 NOON in El Paso : 76 minutes LATE
Today, Tuesday, 10-07-03, in El Paso, the Sun reached the Noon position @ 1410 hrs MDT (Transit Time 1254), so 76 minutes late. Using magnetic N Noon position was reached at 1320 hrs.
Oct 7 SunSET in Missouri#2 : 20 minutes LATE
Missouri #2 Sunset was 20 min late, and very far in the SW. At the same time, in the SE sky I could see a 98% FULL MOON. It is in 3 days, or Oct 10th at 3:27 a.m. that we are suppose to have a FULL MOON.