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Oct 6 SunRISE in El Paso : 7 minutes LATE
Per USNO Sun was to rise in El Paso at 0703 hrs today, Monday, 10-06-03. I watched it rise above Eastern Horizon at 102 degrees ESE at 0710. Late by seven minutes. First morning I have been up and out in time to see the horizon and sunrise in a long time.
Oct 6 NOON in Virginia : 5 minutes EARLY
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 12:55PM on 10/6 in VA - 5 minutes EARLY. True noon via the compass occurred at 12:34PM.
Oct 6 NOON in Seattle: 74 minutes LATE
10/06 My noon reading 2:10 Chart's official noon: 12:56 74 min. Late
Oct 6 NOON in El Paso: 77 minutes LATE
Today, Monday, 10-6-03, in El Paso, the Sun reached the Noon position at 1411 hrs MDT (Transit Time 1254). Using magnetic N Sun reached Noon at 1311 hrs.
Oct 6 SunSET in Virginia : 13 minutes EARLY
Checked on another sunset. Navel Observatory time = 6:46PM Sun dropped behind distant trees at 6:28PM, set at 6:33PM - 13 minutes EARLY on 10/6 in VA.