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Oct 5 NOON in Virginia : 5 minutes EARLY
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 12:55PM on 10/5 in VA - 5 minutes EARLY. True noon, via the compass, occurred at 12:35PM.
Oct 5 NOON in Houston : 24 minutes LATE
The Solar Complex crossed the Houston, TX High Noon markers today (5 OCT 03) 24 minutes 0 seconds late. It appears as though the lateness is increasing!
Oct 5 NOON in El Paso : 77 minutes LATE
Today, Sunday, 10-05-03, the Sun reached the noon position at 1411 hrs, MDT (transit time 1254?).
Oct 5 SunSET in Virginia : 12 minutes EARLY
According to the Navel Observatory, the Sun was to set at 6:47PM in Richmond,VA on 10/5. The Sun sunk behind the distant trees at 6:30 ... allowing 5 minutes for it to sink below the horizon, it set at 6:35PM - 12 minutes EARLY on 10/5 in VA.
Oct 5 SunSET in Wisconsin : 2 minutes EARLY
Per Skymap, the ball should disappear for Madison on CDT at 6:26. Went below the horizon at 6:24 PM.
Oct 5 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 26 minutes LATE
Oct. 5 the sunset was 26 minutes late in finishing. Not much pink these days. The moon does look quite low in the south.