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Oct 4 SunRISE in Missouri#1 : 9 minutes LATE
Oct. 4 the sun was 9 minutes late in rising. I use the CS&M site. The csm site, naval site, had sunrise at 7:15 AM. this morning. The sun actually rose at 7:24..9 minutes late.
Oct 4 NOON in Virginia : 2 minutes EARLY
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 12:58PM on 10/4 in VA - 2 minutes EARLY. The compass read true noon at 12:35PM.
Oct 4 NOON in El Paso : 76 minutes LATE
Today, Sat, 10-04-03, in El Paso the Son reached the Noon position @ 1411 hrs MDT (transit time 1255 hrs) using magnetic N @ 1318 hrs. Something is upsetting things again. No new slowing.
Oct 4 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 35 minutes LATE
Oct. 4 the sunset was 35 minutes late in finishing.The afternoon sun looks like the noonday sun in July these days. Plants very confused, are regrowing.