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Oct 3 NOON in Houston : 22 minutes LATE
The Solar Complex crossed the High Noon Mark today(3 OCT 03) in Houston, TX 22 minutes 30 seconds late. A slight surging I believe!
Oct 3 NOON in Virginia : 1 minutes EARLY
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 12:59PM on 10/3 in VA - 1 minute EARLY. True noon via the compass placed alongside the Sun's shadow at the same location occurred at 12:34PM.
Oct 3 NOON in Seattle : 72 minutes LATE
My reading 2:09 Chart 12:57 72 minutes late
Oct 3 NOON in El Paso : 76 minutes LATE
Today, Friday, 10-03-03, in El Paso, the Sun reached the Noon position at 1411 hrs, MDT. Transit time 1255 hrs. One hour and sixteen min.