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Oct 2 SunRISE in Missouri#1 : 5 minutes LATE
Oct. 2 the sun was 5 minutes late in rising.
Oct 2 SunRISE in Oklahoma : 7 minutes LATE
Sunrise actual for Oklahoma 10/02/2003 @ 7:26am. Two objects spotted with sunrise. Stated by Navy @ 7:19am (7 min diff)
Oct 2 NOON in Virginia : 1 minutes LATE
The Sun's shadow reached my baseline at 1:01PM on 10/2 in VA - one minute LATE. True noon via compass occurred at 12:35PM.
Oct 2 NOON in Houston : 22 minutes LATE
The Solar Complex crossed the High Noon marks in Houston, TX today (2 OCT 03) 22 minutes, 34 seconds late.
Oct 2 NOON in El Paso : 75 minutes LATE
Today, Thursday,10-2-3, in El Paso the Sun reached the noon position at 1410 hrs MDT (using the same mark I have used for about four months). The sun shadow lined up with magnetic N at 1310 hrs.
Oct 2 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 32 minutes LATE
Oct. 2 the sunset was 32 minutes late in finishing. Time approximate because of clouds. The moon was again in a different place, looks almost half full. Red haze discernible in the sky after sunset.