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Sep 28 SunRISE in Missouri#1 : 5 minutes LATE
Sept. 28 the sun was 5 minutes late in rising.It continues to seemingly move further south. A glaring monster immediately upon sunrise. With all the extra light, my trees are confused and are budding, apple trees blooming!!
Sep 28 NOON in Virginia : 1 minutes EARLY
Hazy skies, but got a definitive reading via the compass for true noon at 12:36PM. The Sun appeared to reach my baseline at 12:59PM on 9/28 in VA - 1 minute EARLY.
Sep 28 NOON in Houston : 22 minutes LATE
The Solar Complex crossed the High Noon marks in Houston, TX today (28SEP03) 22 minutes 5 seconds late.
Sep 28 NOON in El Paso : 65 minutes LATE
On each day, Friday-Sunday, 09-26 thru 28-03, in El Paso, the Sun reached Noon position @ 1407 hrs MDT.
Sep 28 NOON in Seattle : 67 minutes LATE
We seem to be stuck on 2:06. That was today's reading (9/28) as well as yesterday's. Noon was supposed to arrive at 12:59, both days, though. Also, my control unit has been mirroring my original unit, identically. I must have read it wrong the first day. I am totally confident of my readings for June 27 to this very day.