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Sep 27 SunRISE in Missouri#1 : 8 minutes LATE
Sept. 27 the sun was 8 minutes late in rising. It was a blinding monster immediately, hard to look at.
Sep 27 NOON in Houston : 22 minutes LATE
The Solar Complex crossed the High Noon marks in Houston, TX today (27SEP03) 21 minutes 55 seconds late.
Sep 27 NOON in El Paso : 65 minutes LATE
On each day, Friday-Sunday, 09-26 thru 28-03, in El Paso, the Sun reached Noon position @ 1407 hrs MDT.
Sep 27 SunSET in Oklahoma : 12 minutes LATE
Sunset actual for Oklahoma @ 7:20pm along with objects. Are we seeing moons or comets? Odd objects seemed to glow and fade in and out.
Sep 27 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 20 minutes LATE
Sept. 27 the sunset was 20 minutes late in finishing.