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Aug 21 NOON in Ontario : 5 minutes EARLY
From Toronto Ontario, Sunny/overcast, 9am 47E, 10am 46E, 11am 40E, 12pm 26E, 1pm 5E
Aug 21 NOON in Virginia : 14 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my noon shadow baseline at 1:14PM on 8/21 in VA - 14 minutes LATE. The compass read true noon at 12:56 PM. Shadows were distinct. Also witnessed a vivid cloud show: as each cloud moved across the Sun, it became gray, as it moved away from the Sun, the cloud either returned to white or dissolved. I witnessed this repeatedly. These were large clouds and were moving fairly quickly. There can be no mistaking that the process is happening.
Aug 21 NOON in Texas : 16 minutes LATE
The sun crossed the High noon marks today( 21AUG03) in Houston, TX 16 minutes 25 seconds late. Looks like some more surging going on!
Aug 21 SunSET in Vancouver : 7 minutes LATE
Vancouver sunset 7 min late per photo. Sun still visible at 20:20 due to set at 20:14
Aug 21 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 37 minutes LATE
August 21 the sunset was 37 minutes late in finishing. Massive red orange sun with various pink clouds showing up 40 minutes before sunset. 107 in Missouri, a friend had 109 in the shade. Finally a violent thunderstorm broke the heat. Lots of lightning before the rain hit.
Aug 21 SunSET in Ontario : 56 minutes LATE
From Toronto Ontario, Sunny/overcast, 2pm 13L, 3pm 35L, 4pm 47L, 5pm 54L, 6pm 56L