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Aug 20 NOON in Ontario : 7 minutes EARLY
From Toronto Ontario, Sunny/clear, 9am 46E, 10am 44E, 11am 33E, 12pm 25E, 1pm 7E
Aug 20 NOON in Virginia : 11 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my noon shadow baseline at 1:11PM on 8/20 in VA - 11 minutes LATE. My compass reading for true noon was 12:56PM. In VA, the Sun has lost the laser beam of heat it once shot forth - Planet X occulting the Sun must be lessening the intensity of heat coming from two separate Suns. We are not complaining!
Aug 20 NOON in Seattle : 31 minutes LATE
8/20 my recording 1:43 chart 1:12
Aug 20 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 21 minutes LATE
August 20 the sunset was 21 minutes late today. Pink showing up at sunset. Dry, hot 103 in Missouri, the fall crops are failing, hay in high demand.
Aug 20 SunSET in Ontario : 54 minutes LATE
From Toronto Ontario, Sunny/clear, 2pm 11L, 3pm 33L, 4pm 49L, 5pm 54L, 6pm 54L