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Aug 19 SunRISE in Wisconsin : 41 minutes LATE
Wisco 41 min late sunrise
Aug 19 NOON in Ontario : 7 minutes EARLY
From Toronto Ontario, Sunny/clear, 9am 47E, 10am 43E, 11am 31E, 12pm 22E, 1pm 7E
Aug 19 NOON in Virginia : 12 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my noon shadow baseline at 1:12PM on 8/19 in VA - 12 minutes LATE. My compass reflected true noon at 12:55PM - the earliest yet. In a clear sky with small, white clouds, I witnessed a cloud turn gray as it passed close to the Sun then evaporate. Obvious verification of Planet X's dusting the cloud. The compass reading is beginning to seem more indicative that something is happening.
Aug 19 NOON in Texas : 16 minutes LATE
The sun passed the high noon marks today 16 minutes 30 seconds late.
Aug 19 NOON in Seattle : 31 minutes LATE
8/19 my recording 1:43 chart 1:12
Aug 19 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 12 minutes LATE
August 19 the sunset was 12 minutes late. Pink showed up 40 minutes before sunset and continued, in various hues, around the horizon. The sun was huge and an apricot orange color. It has moved, in the past months, about 25 sun widths to the south. Again blazingly hot,101, and dry here in Missouri.
Aug 19 SunSET in Ontario : 53 minutes LATE
From Toronto Ontario, Sunny/clear, 2pm 11L, 3pm 32L, 4pm 48L, 5pm 52L, 6pm 53L