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Aug 17 NOON in Ontario : 7 minutes EARLY
From Toronto Canada, 8/17, Sunny AM/PM , 10 am = 42E , 11 am = 33E , 12 pm = 22E, 1 pm = 7E
Aug 17 NOON in Virginia : 11 minutes LATE
The Sun reached my Noon shadow baseline at 1:11 PM on 8/17 in VA. Compass reading for true noon was 12:59 PM. Shadows were very distinct today.
Aug 17 NOON in Texas : 16 minutes LATE
The Houston, TX High Noon Marks were crossed 16 minutes 12 seconds late today. Just a very slight slowing down (8 seconds) from yesterday at a time when the analemma charts show we should be speeding up. Seems like there must be some surging going on!
Aug 17 NOON in Oklahoma : 19 minutes LATE
08/17/2003 Sunday Oklahoma sundial report: suntransit stated 1:28PM suntransit actual 1:47PM
Aug 17 NOON in Seattle : 30 minutes LATE
8/17 my recording 1:42 chart 1:12
Aug 17 SunSET in Missouri#2 : 0 minutes
Aug 17 Missouri #2 Sunset was exactly on time! It is now so much more in due WEST, that my horizon tree line is almost non existant at that point. But I estimate it takes 2 minutes to fall behind that line, when before I estimated 4 minutes. This was a surprise, as it has been late the past few days.
Aug 17 SunSET in Missouri#1 : 14 minutes LATE
August 17 the sunset was 14 minutes late today. No double sunset, but there were definite pink clouds all around the horizon. Pink comes only at sunset, with the sun remaining intense and bloated up to that point. Extreme heat all day today.
Aug 17 SunSET in Ontario : 51 minutes LATE
From Toronto Canada, 8/17, Sunny AM/PM, 2 pm = 13L, 3 pm = 29L, 4 pm = 43L, 5 pm = 48L, 6 pm = 51L - last reading