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Aug 15 SunRISE in Missouri#2 : 36 minutes LATE
Aug 15 Missouri #2 Local newscaster said that Sunrise was at 6:32 a.m. which it was. But the pre-printed Farmer's Almanac said it was suppose to be at 5:56 a.m. !!!!!! THAT means the Sunrise was 36 MINUTES LATE!
Aug 15 SunRISE in Wisconsin : 42 minutes LATE
Wisco, 42 min late sunrise, considering mark used in mid-April 2 months before Summer Solstice, should be equivalent point.
Aug 15 NOON in Ontario : 0 minutes
Time Aug 15, 10AM 42E, 11AM 32E, 12Noon 20E, 1PM 0
Aug 15 NOON in Virginia : 13 minutes LATE
Sun even with Noon shadow baseline at 1:13PM on 8/15 in VA -13 minutes LATE. It has not been as early as 13 minutes late since 8/8. Compass reading for true noon at 12:58PM - the earliest by 1 minute I have seen it since I starting observing on 7/7/03.
Aug 15 NOON in Texas : 16 minutes LATE
The sun crossed the high noon marks today in Houston Tx at 15 minutes, 45 seconds late. Hopefully will not be clouddy again tomorrow!
Aug 15 NOON in Wisconsin : 16 minutes LATE
Noon marker used since May 15 consistently creepting up in lateness, now 16+ minutes.
Aug 15 SunSET in Missouri#2 : 6 minutes LATE
Aug 15 in Missouri #2 Sunset 6 min late. It was very huge. Very pink sky everywhere. Setting much further towards the SW rather than the far NW like 2 months ago. (Still slightly NW tho.)
Aug 15 SunSET in Ontario: 52 minutes LATE
Time Aug 15, 2PM 11L, 3PM 29L, 4PM 35L, 5PM 46L, 6PM 52L. Observation for Aug 15: reddish Sun at sunset , having a blackout here in Ontario