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Signs of the Times #347
NATO Conducts Rapid-Reaction War Game, Washington Post, Oct 8 'At Schreiver Air Force Base [in Colorado Springs, CO] as military and civilian leaders from all the NATO nations engaged in a study seminar ... NATO has decided to mount a new NATO Response Force, composed of about 20,000 personnel, that can respond instantly to asymmetric threats ... Wednesday’s war game, the centerpiece of a two-day gathering of NATO defense secretaries and chiefs of staff, was designed to get the member nations thinking about how to react in such cases.' [Note the ZetaTalk on this matter - Not Politics, Common Good, and Greater Need.]
Signs of the Times #346 (via email to Nancy)
It was about 6 PM here in Norway [Oct 10]. Suddenly the whole sky was illuminated and all electricity in our entire commune went out for two seconds, then it came back and went away for two more seconds until it came back again. First I though that it might have just been our house that lost electricity with a coincidence after the strange light, but family came home they told me about it to. They had been driving when suddenly the whole sky was illuminated above them and all the traffic lights blacked out for 2 seconds. A bright light followed by a blackout could suggest that it was just lightening, but it was nothing like that. There was no thunder or other lightening all day. The sky was relatively clear. The entire sky was illuminated and looked nothing like lightning.
Signs of the Times #345 (via email to Nancy)
Last night on our way home with the entire family with our teenage sons leaving Anchorage [Oct 10] we saw this huge dark cloud. We kept watching it all the way for like 30 minutes, and the all of a sudden the entire middle of it lit up like a big light source, kinda like lightning. We kept our eyes on it without looking away, and it did it again! We saw the flashes at least a half a dozen times. [and from another source] Japan live cam in Tokyo [Oct 11] blinded by the light. I think this target="_top">Picture explains it all. Also, Lick observatory sky had a complete whiteout and the sun isn't in the picture so there is no lens burnout as the excuse.
Signs of the Times #344 ((via email to Nancy)
I`m from Russia, Novosibirsk. I`m looking for situation from March 2003. High Noon - Early 61 min!!! and Moon Higher, rise Easter and Early, set Wester and Late!!! [Note: If the Atlantic Rift gets pulled rapidly forward to Face the Sun/Planet X, then as Novosibirsk, Russia, in central Siberia, is approaching noon, the Atlantic Rift is appearing at the Dawn point and is grabbed, pulled toward Planet X, and Novosibirsk, Russia is in the surge and has an EARLY noon! Then when the Atlantic Rift reaches the Face point, it gets held, is tugged back, so we have Virginia a minute or two early or about on time, but this tug back such that the West Coast of US it is an hour LATE. Confirms Rotational Surging for the Slowing Team.]
Signs of the Times #343 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Try the pinhole experiment. Make a large pinhole about 1 inch from any corner of an index card , tape two pencils on the outer edge so the card can be raised from laying flat, then tape a blank white side of another index card to the first card so that the cards are about 3/8 to 1/2 inch apart. Hold the pinhole perpendicular to the sun, on a sunny, not partial/cloudy sun day, and look carefully between the two cards. You will see two circles of light, not one! The second is not as bright as our Sun, and should be about 1.5 diameters of our suns dot away from it. This distance is changing and therefore indicates the second sun is slowly widening the distance between the two , as observed from our vantage point [Oct 10] on Earth.
Signs of the Times #342 (via email to Nancy)
I've been viewing the Zetatalk site for almost 2 years, and alway's have found it at most entertaining. But today Oct 10, 2003, in California, having forgot my sunglasses at home, I still tried to look around the sun with out them and there it was, a red sphere shape at about 4 o'clock postion. My heart jumped, then I looked quickly again. It was still there. I tried to look again but the intense brightness was too much. My eye's began hurt at that point. [and from another source] I seeing unusually pink to red, to purply red sunsets [Oct 10]. I'm used to my area, and have seen red sunsets, but some of these clouds are a deep, but vibrant purply-red, but the surrounding sky, is not. These clouds also are distinct. If there was a red sunset, the rest of the clouds would be reflecting that light nearby. The lower clouds seem to be catching a strong red, overcasting, making them strongly purple. Go away from the sun, a few cloud layers up, and it's not like that.
Signs of the Times #341 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Check out Oct 8th at 07:00. Sun was 2 times as bright around 4-5 PM PST Oct 8. I saw it myself. The German website shows the event - can´t call it a flare - it is still ongoing C3 How can Germans have different data than SOHO? Same source, right? They share the satellite in a joint program. It says Lasco. But I bet the Europeans have different management, and now,obviously, different photos. We are being given 2 sets of information here! [Note: doctoring, such as SOHO Cut-n-Paste, continue.]
Signs of the Times #340
Business Wire [Oct 9] ‘For safety, the California Department of Water Resources today ordered California American Water to lower water levels at San Clemente Dam on the Carmel River in Monterey County. The order provides that the storage level at San Clemente Dam, located two miles upstream of Carmel Valley Village, be maintained 10 feet below the spillway crest year round, until further notice. ... In June 1992, DWR concurred in that consultant´s findings that the dam is deficient under the design earthquake and design flood loadings, and requested that CalAm proceed with remediation. ... Under California´s Water Code, DWR has legal responsibility to assure that San Clemente Dam´s safety deficiencies are remediated to avoid loss of life and property. ... A concern is that an earthquake could cause dam failure.’
Signs of the Times #339
‘The parlous state of Western Australia´s electricity supply was highlighted again [Oct 10] when the Collie power station crashed, cutting power to 125,000 homes and businesses in the metropolitan area and key regional centres. Late yesterday, Western Power was still unable to explain the cause of the 2½-hour blackout, which hit at 1PM and also cut traffic lights throughout the suburbs. The Collie station was still down last night as Western Power worked to discover the cause of the failure. Back-up gas turbines at Pinjar were brought on line gradually during the afternoon and full power was restored by 3.30PM.’
Signs of the Times #338 (Nancy)
This Ohio soybean crop circle, discovered Sep 28 in Highland County, implies three personas swirling about the Sun, perhaps telling us this is to be the next expected presentation of Planet X as viewed from Earth. Indeed, Makino's [Oct 9] photo seems to show us this as does Alberto's [Oct 7] photo!