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Signs of the Times #1352
Time and again there have been posts about the rotation of the moon during one nights travel, but no one ever seems to have a camera handy. Well, I had the luck of a clear sky last night [Feb 27], so I took my cheapo 3.3 megapixel with 10x optical zoom and snaped some pictures of the moon. First at 0.55 CET, second at 4.17 CET in the east of the Netherlands. Both pics were taken with a horizontaly held camera and 10x optical zoom. I took the 2 moons, the pics full pixelsize from the cameraimage, and made a composite today, and did some image prosessing to clear up the features of the moon and stuff like that. The rapid rotation can be clearly seen. [Note: extreme rotation of the Face of the Moon has been noted for months, indicating the Earth tilted under the Moon's orbit.]
Signs of the Times #1351
The moon did stall after an early rise last week [Feb 26]. I was up until 5:00am and kept a watch on the moon here in the Ozarks. At it's zenith, it literally sat for hours as if stuck when it should have been heading westward towards its descent. [and from another source] The moon had me spooked. Last week I got up in the morning and watched the full moon go down behind the hill. The next morning I got up and looked out the window, at the same time as the previous morning, and the moon wasn't there. It was way south of the hill. [and from another source] I have been in my current home for about 4 years now. The front door faces north. Few days ago during the full moon everything looked fine. I can see the moon coming up over the roof of my house almost following the guter as it moves up. The next night I see the moon and I think, now that's odd. It's kinda south. Every hour after that the moon kept moving due south, it was not coming up over my head like the previous day. [and from another source] Wobble must be getting far worse. I have never in my life seen the moon so far South here in Mississippi. [and from another source] At 2:20 hrs, Tuesday, O3-01-05, in El Paso, the moon is azi 147, alt 50/55. Skymap shows the Moon rising a full 2 hours later, and at Azi 126 on the horizon. This Moon rose early, and was high in the sky and quite far SOUTH if it was viewed at Azi 147. [Note: the Moon’s orbit has been too far North, then too far South, for months.]
Signs of the Times #1350
Previously, in November 2004, it was shown that a bright orb was backlit behind the Sun consistent with the position of Planet X, which is reflecting the majority of light hitting its close hugging dust shroud back against the Sun. As the Sun rotates every 28 days, and this orb it consistenly there, this is not a factor of sunspots or solar flares. In February 2005 this orb is still present, still in the same location against the backlit sky! Note the X indicates the location of the Sun, and the orb or extra light is consistent in its location as is the black portion, which indicates a bright spot akin to sunlight!. [and from another source] I send a SWAN strip [Mar 5] made with the last Carrington Rotation maps (the same computation as C2 and C3 ), and I make these questions (rhetorical) : can a comet be so slow? Can anybody do not debate about the strange thing that is so evident? Why the NASA does not explain what is that? Why in C3 never appear something similar ?
Signs of the Times #1349
I began to see something in 2003 at about the 10 o’clock area around the Sun but nothing I could be sure of. For the last month [Mar 4] here in Oregon I have been seeing an object at the 3 o’clock area. It is unmistakeable, the same size as the sun. It is moving and increasing in size. I have been using a pair of welders ultra-violet filtering "shop safety glasses" in yellow tint and a #10 welders filter plate. I also use a pair of amber tint shop safety glasses but I see it quite clearly with the yellow glasses and #10 filter plate. There is no mistake, there is definitely an object there. [Note: crop circles have predicted the visible size of this planet as it approached us, and it is approaching this size!]
Signs of the Times #1348
Earthquake-volcano link jolts Alaska scientists [Feb 25] 'The first earthquake took place in the Indian Ocean [Dec 26], some 6,000 miles from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. But UAF seismologists say that, an hour after that massive quake occurred, they could actually detect the entire state of Alaska undulating up and down, rising and falling an inch or more every 30 seconds for several minutes.' [and from another source] Domino or Ricochet quakes are nothing new, they were identified in 1999 after the 7.5 Turkey quake. Troubled Times record of this in the Quake Patterns TOPIC. ‘I did some research. I searched the CNSS Earthquake Catalog for quakes 5.0 Richter or greater, during a comparable time during August of 1998 and 1999. What the statistics show is that a year ago quakes did not seem to be related. There was no reverberation around the world. During August, 1999, we find there is an almost instant (or within days) reverberation on the opposite side of the plate, rolling around the world from west to east.’
Signs of the Times #1347
Natural Disasters on Coasts Concern NOAA [Mar 1] 'More than half of all Americans now live on or near a coast, a major evacuation worry in case of hurricanes, tsunamis or other natural disasters. Going upstairs in a well-constructed building can be as effective as getting on the road and heading inland, Spinrad said at a briefing. Waves are a hazard in some U.S. areas, especially in the West where a 1964 tsunami damaged much of the California coast. The better-known threat to Eastern and Gulf coastal areas involves hurricanes. Just last year hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne took turns battering Florida and other states, causing 152 deaths and billions of dollars in damage.' [Note: during the shift, quakes will bring down high-rise buildings and waves roll inland for hundreds of miles. NOAA would be sending people to their death by this advice.]
Signs of the Times #1346
President Bush wakes up to the reality of Europe [Feb 21] ‘Almost more significant than where President Bush is going on his European journey this week is where he is not going. He is not going, for instance, to France to meet President Chirac. M. Chirac must bestir himself to dine with Mr Bush in Brussels. The US President is not going to Berlin, but he going to Germany to meet Chancellor Schröder for a few hours. He will also not be going to Moscow. Mr Bush and President Putin will meet each other in Slovakia.’ [and from another source] [Feb 27] ‘Russia and Iran signed a nuclear fuel supply deal long opposed by Washington on Sunday, paving the way for Iran to start up its first atomic reactor next year.’ [and from another source] Rice seeks to repair Turkey ties [Feb 5] ‘Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in the Turkish capital Saturday for a trip aimed at improving relations with this NATO ally, where anti-American sentiments have been strong since the start of the war in neighboring Iraq.’ [and from another source] At present, the Bush bluster is seen as just that, as the Bush plans to dominate the world require that the world go along with this agenda. Behind the curtain, the Wizard Bush is seen for what he is - weak, cowardly, failing, and now begging for support. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Wizard of Oz.]
Signs of the Times #1345
Does the Air Force lie? They did during Blue Book, but the Roswell lie was taken at face value and not challenged. Are Harvard professors, debunking away, a credible source? Then why not include the word of John Mack, likewise an esteemed Harvard professor who had actual data to submit, not just opinions. Hypothetical explanations of the abduction phenomena were presented, on equal time with contactee reports which are carefully based on hard data. Why was this ABC special even produced? Why not let sleeping dogs lie? The establishment is aware that mass sightings are on the increase, valid captures of UFO’s on video on the increase, and the public’s opinions on the matter leaning in the direction of comfort with the alien presence. They are trying to grab the lead, be the force that is leading the public perception, but will not succeed in this. The overall effect of this special is, to disgust those who know the truth, to puzzle those new to the subject so they seek more information, and to ultimately increase the suspicion that the establishment is lying to them. Tell a child not to peek in a closet, and their determination to do so increases. [Note: new ZetaTalk: ABC Special.]