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Signs of the Times #171 (via email to Nancy)
People doubt that cover-ups [such as Planet X] can exist by silencing members with threats to keep tightly held secrets under control. This one lasted over 40 years! 'CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales [Aug 6] has uncovered a church document kept secret for 40 years. The confidential Vatican document, obtained by CBS News, lays out a church policy that calls for absolute secrecy when it comes to sexual abuse by priests - anyone who speaks out could be thrown out of the church. The policy was written in 1962 by Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani. ... Bishops are instructed to pursue these cases "in the most secretive way ... restrained by a perpetual silence ... and everyone {including the alleged victim} ... is to observe the strictest secret, which is commonly regarded as a secret of the Holy Office ... under the penalty of excommunication." ... The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said the document is being taken out of context, that it's a church law that deals only with religious crimes and sins. And that the secrecy is meant to protect the faithful from scandal.’
Signs of the Times #170
Shivering in the Surf, Atlantic's Sudden Temperature Dive A Midsummer Mystery for Scientists, Washington Post, August 7, 2003 ‘David Quillin, a surfer from Maryland's Eastern Shore, knows what cold seawater feels like: It makes exposed flesh feel like it's burning, sets hands and feet to tingling, numbs the body. The 38-year-old architect expects all of this when he surfs the frigid waters off Ocean City in January. He didn't expect it in the middle of summer. But it's just what Quillin encountered when he paddled his board into the surf two weeks ago. ... Surfers, lifeguards, anglers and others who regularly dip a toe into the Atlantic have noticed this summer that water that is typically bathwater-warm has occasionally become fjord-cold.
Signs of the Times #169 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
Go look outside. At the sun, at the sky [Aug 7]. The sun is bright and glowing, sky is brownish red and hazy. I’m on the West Coast, anybody else see this? [and from another poster] I see it, started yesterday here, sky has a funny tint to it. [and from another poster] I just tried to look at the sun and it is so bright it made my eyes water. And yes, there is a slight brownish haze in the sky. I live in Central Illinois. [and from another poster] Here in Philly we have max grey cloud cover, and the sun is still shining right thru it! [and from another poster] The sky is definitely red/brown. Something´s up. [and from another poster] Same in North Texas. [and from another poster] Odd brownish-red haze over Vancouver as well. Noticed it first thing when I awoke this morning. Not photochemical smog. Might be marine haze, but not the sort I´ve seen before. [and from another poster] It is in Colorado. [and from another poster] I can see a brown tint on the horizon now. I have seen it for two days. Something is up! [and from another poster] Michigan sunset last night was a very bright redish-brown. Breath taking to say the least.
Signs of the Times #168 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
Tonight [Aug 7] around 12AM, the moon was oddly large and it had a reddish/orange hue around it, and was appearing in the sky below a tree out front. 15 minutes later, I looked back out and it moved to the point that it was way behind the tree´s view. Now, it´s 12:35AM and it´s completely out of my view. What´s with it´s (or the Earth´s) fast movement? Also, it´s usually located on the totally other side of the sky from where I look out my window nightly around this time, on the right. Tonight, it´s way on the left where I have never seen it located. [and from another poster] Last night, the moon set across the sky very quickly here. [and from another poster] I have noticed that the moon appears oblate, bloated at the sides. Something is tugging on it with severe gravitational fury. [and from another poster] Here in Holland it disappeared in a flash and also a few days ago, at night, the moon was totally to the east when it should have been to the south, that was very odd.
Signs of the Times #167 (via email to Nancy)
Near Pittsburg, Kansas last night [Aug 7] it was reported on local TV that several people called the sheriff about bright red light moving across the sky, with a red bead tail. A woman was interviewed, who delivers newspapers at 4 AM. She said it was hugh. Reporter said that or NASA said it was an early part of a meteor shower with falling stars that is predicted in a few weeks. This was seen August 6th and home video showed this amazing red light, almost as large as the moon. She said it was as bright outside as if there was a full moon!
Signs of the Times #166
The World's No.1 Science & Technology News Service ‘Galactic Dust Sorm Enters Solar System, Aug 3, 2003: The Sun's shifting magnetic field is set to focus a decade-long storm of galactic dust grains towards the inner Solar System, including Earth. The effect this will have on our planet - if any - is unknown. But some researchers have speculated that sustained periods of cosmic dust bombardment might be related to ice ages and even mass extinctions.’ [Note: decades-long storm but announced just in time to cover the red dust increasingly in the skies from Planet X].
Signs of the Times #165 (from godlikeproduction Message Boards)
Did you notice that the navy has now [Aug 6] taken this offline? All the daily plots are offline: Interesting, when you put everything together. This is from the main page of And as the plot thickens [we are down as of April 2003] [and from another poster] Of course data stoped back in April 2003, go figure. However it gives you an idea. Then you do the math. Earth rotation is slowing down. The day the earth stood still for three days before, well you know the verse. More graphs here. Scroll to Earth Orientation Parameters on this page. Don´t d/l postscripts, just open the PDF formatt, it´s faster with adobe reader.
Signs of the Times #164 (via email to Nancy)
To put a few observations of my own from Madrid, Spain [Aug 6]. Our Earth changes are obvious more and more every day! The heat is terrible! I've been living in Spain for 12 years and can assure there has never been such a weather. People from here say the same. Victims from heat are reported already, some 15 persons. The heat is hitting not only the traditionally hot regions, like Andaluzia, in the south. It's hitting even in the north. It seems now that 40º C is supposed to be 'normal'. There are lots of forests burning, and Protuga has just been declared a natural disaster situation. There are water supply shortages. The skies are a bit reddish or pinkish, even in the afternoon, and at the Sunset they go into scarlet scarlet. There is certainly something wrong with the Moon, it seems to be too dirty orange, with a kind of halo about it. The authorities do not speak much about it, but machines, equipment, has started to fail. The other day they hinted that the railway is too fragile, so possible catastrophes might be reported soon.
Signs of the Times #163
South Carolina Senator Holling [Aug 3] ‘I can tell you this categorically, we´ve got the weakest president and weakest government in the history of my 50 years of public service. ... As a result the state and the country – your state, my state, our country – is headed in the wrong direction with respect to our finances. You can see it at the state level. They are firing a thousand teachers. And at the national level, we´ve got Enron accounting galore. The President said two weeks ago on page one of his budget report that we have a $455 billion deficit at the end of next month; that´s when the end of the fiscal year terminates. The truth of the matter is, you turn to page 57 of the report and you´ll see it´s $698 billion.’
Signs of the Times #162 (via email to Nancy)
I work for Microsoft. I haven't heard anything internally regarding this bug. I thought it odd that Microsoft needed help from Homeland Security announcing another critical bug: Homeland Security Warns of Microsoft Security warns of Microsoft Windows Flaw , Aug 1, Reuters ‘U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned that hackers were planning to attack computers by exploiting a previously announced flaw in Windows operating systems. The flaw, revealed by Microsoft two weeks ago, works by exploiting a tool that allows one computer to run programs on another computer over the Internet or over corporate networks. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft has provided a patch that could be downloaded to fix the problem for the past two weeks, but traffic to the software giant's Web site increased significantly since the U.S. government issued its warnings. The flaw exists in Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP as well as Microsoft's newest major operating system, Windows Server 2003, used to manage networked computers.’ [Note: implied is that there may be more than a fix that is being pickup up, such as tracking software.]