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Re: Professor James McCanney and Planet X 
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Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 17:47:41 GMT
Yes, McCanney is the latest to cash in on Planet X. He
apparently is aligned with Mark Hazlewood. It now looks like
Hazlewood is moving away from the Zetan Planet X (since
Nancy cut him off from information) and to McCanney's Planet
X. McCanney claims Planet X is approaching from the
"backdoor" and won't be visible until April, thus we will be
Blindsided by it (which just happens to be the title of
Hazlewood's book). 

Pretty clever strategy by these weasels to explain why no
one can see it and continue to sell books until next spring. 

I listened to most of the radio interview. McCanney spends a
considerable amount of time trying to discredit Phil Pliat
aka thebadastronomer since Phil was recently on Art Bell
explaining how silly the whole Planet X thing is. McCanney
also claims Robert Harrington viewed Planet X with an 8"
scope in 1996, which is 3 years after Harrington died, he
talks about the moon landing hoax, the evil NASA conspiracy
and claims that published papers by Harrington are "internal
NASA documents" showing they know about Planet X. 

Really pathetic. 


paul wrote:
> On 24.07.20 Professor James McCanney, in an interview with Lou Gentile, talk
> show host, stated that Planet X, aka Nibiru, will be visible by April of
> 2003.
> hear the interview here:
> cheers,
> kota