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Corpus Closer
May 23, 2004

There are indications from several observers that Planet X corpus may have moved more between the Earth and the Sun. Moving to the left above the Sun has moved the compex more to the Ecliptic, from the vantage point of Italy which is in the Northern Hemisphere and thus, looking down on the Ecliptic as defined by the Earth’s Equator. Previously, this Fire Dragon was passing through the center of the Sun as the morning progressed, in Italy.
Some puffs of dust without and with filter. Timings at 10:10 AM.
I purchased a #10 welders glass as suggested in the Zeta site postings for searching for Planet X myself. On two separate days, now respectively five and four days ago I believe that I saw the incoming planet through my lens with the naked eye. I had to tilt the lens on an angle to take away the fuzzy glare surrounding the sun to where there only remained a perfect view of the sun through the tilted welders lens. This sighting was being made from northern Canada, central Yukon Territory, close to Alaska. On the first day [May 15] it was just off mid center to the right and slighted above the mid center in the evening (6:30 PM Pacific time). The second day [May 16] (in late morning, 11:00ish, afternoon and evening) the black dot was again right of mid center but this time it was below the mid center location. Three days ago [May 17] I tried again to see the black dot, to see where it was. I do think that I was able to make it out down at the extreme lower right. 14 plus million miles away from earth would probably make Planet X appear to be the size of the heavy pencil dot mark as I have described.