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China Quake
May 5, 2004 

Thousands homeless after strong earthquake in China
Beijing, May 5, 2004

Tents and other supplies were being rushed to an area of western China after a strong earthquake left thousands of people homeless but no-one injured, local officials said. There have been no casualties, no-one killed or injured but over 3,100 houses have been damaged to soon extent, 700 to 800 seriously damaged. The quake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale that shook an area 70 kilometers (43 miles) outside Delingha city in western Qinghai province Tuesday. The quake struck at 1:04 pm (0504 GMT), the State Seismological Bureau said. The region, which lies some 500 kilometers (300 miles) north of the Tibetan capital Lhasa, is a sparsely populated area. Mia said more than 10 aftershocks had been felt.

2004/05/04 05:05:16.3 39.5N 94.4E 33 mb5.6 A LDG GANSU, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:05:12.9 36.1N 91.9E 10 mb5.6 A SED QINGHAI, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:05:08.3 38.1N 95.8E 33 M 5.6 M BGR QINGHAI, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:05:05.0 38.3N 96.2E mb5.9 A. GFZ QINGHAI, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:05:00.9 37.5N 96.8E 28 M 5.4 M NEIR QINGHAI, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:04:59.6 37.6N 96.9E 33 Ms5.0 M GSRC QINGHAI, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:04:57.3 37.6N 96.8E 17 mb5.6 M+ INFO QINGHAI, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:04:51.2 36.6N 97.4E 25 mb5.2 A NEWS QINGHAI, CHINA
2004/05/04 05:04:50.4 36.5N 97.5E 25 mb5.1 A NEWS QINGHAI, CHINA