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Solar Event
May 3, 2004 

And as also noted on the GLP Message Board

Interesting gap in NOAA Photon Flux reading (below) too.

Where Photon Flux arrives at Earth within minutes of an event, CME's are accompanied by X-Ray spikes. Thus, the May 3 events do not seem to be caused by the Sun! As noted again in this GLP Message Board discussion:

Normally, the time between when we see an event on the sun (via GEOS X-Ray data) and when it reeaches Earth (via GEOS electron data) is 2 to 3 days... depending on the speed. My second piece of evidence, if you will, is the lack of significant X-Ray readings from the events that produced the visual flares and cme´s beginning late in the day on May 2nd and early into the 3rd. Looking at the current X-Ray plot (link at top of this post), where are the spikes that should be coincident with the visual flares and cme´s seen on the SOHO LASCO camera 3 images?

Because the X-rays spikes expected to accompany a CME were not in evidence 2-3 days later.