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Greece Photo Proof
Apr 23, 2004

With some Santorini caldera pictures I have made a measure.

Per Skymap, the march NORTH of the Sun should be about equal at sunset in Greece between

March 18 (Azi 268°)
April 10 (12° step in 22 days, to Azi 280°),
April 25 (10° step in 15 days, to Azi 290°), and
June 9 (10° step, in 45 days, to Azi 300°).

The marked photo shows that On Apr 23, due to a LEAN, the Sun is too far SOUTH at this time, temporarily.

This was noted in Wisconsin also, on Apr 23. The

Moon was at Azi 275° Alt 20-25° (Skymap Azi 295° Alt 12°) too HIGH and SOUTH, due to a strong LEAN.
Venus Azi 280° Alt 15-20° (Skymap Azi 298° Alt 8°) again too HIGH and SOUTH, due a strong LEAN.