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Ecliptic Drop

By February, 2004 the Earth tilt had returned to normal, assuming a side-by-side position with Planet X and the Sun. However, as Planet X is at this time slightly below the Ecliptic, it is now, per reports, drawing Earth down in its Ecltipic. The Sun moving North. 

February 26
Some observations from Scottsdale, AZ. The sun further North and blazing more brightly than ever before. The size of the sun seems to have tripled. The moon further North also. Sunrise yesterday was way early by about 20 minutes or more.
February 25
The sun continues to move North here in Ohio. It has moved the whole length of the house across the street. I was surprised to find the sun shining in the front door clear across into the kitchen usually don't see this till summer. We are also warming up. Suppose to be close to 60 this weekend.
February 20
Are you getting any reports of the sun rising too far north, as of today? I saw the actual sun rise for the first time in a long time here in Seattle. Auburn is in the Green River valley and is surrounded by 600 ft. hills. On the east side of the valley, they extend toward the 6,000 plus foot hills of the Cascades. White Lake Hill is a 600 foot hill very close and directly southeast of me. I am close enough that it blocks my view of Mt. Rainier. The sun has been coming up behind it for some time. This morning, at 7:45 AM, the sun was a good 15 to 20 degrees above the horizon and at least 15 to 20 degrees northeast of White Lake Hill. [and from another] Today's noon marker in Kansas is at 1:06. What is odd is that my nail doesn't even reach the edge of the mark today. This has never happened before. The shadow from the noon marker always exceeds the edge of the wood where I have my mark. Does this mean the Sun has moved futher north (suddenly/rapidly)? [and from another] Today, Friday, 02-20-04, in El Paso, The Sun cast a N/S shadow at 1255 in my backyard. Azi 210, Alt 45, very bright warm day here with son alto stratus cover. [Note: per Skymap, the Sun should be closer to south, 170°, not north of this at 210° which is what would occur with an ecliptic drop.]
February 19
Tonight I watched the Sun set behind Planet X here in Canada. I watched the sun set into it from the top, leaving Planet X as the sunset. It was setting where the sunsets were maybe in July or August. [and from another source] Sunset has really moved from a SSW to a SW position here in Missouri.