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SOHO Background
on Sep 20, 2004
GLP Message Board

Proof of NASA blantantly "modifying" SOHO images. This is just a lousy job of cut and paste.

Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.

One look at A and B would show you that the images are identical except from where Jupiter is entering the screen on the left side. What possible way can someone explain away this?In the case of A and B, from the line (of colour difference you see on the left side near jupiter) on, the images are identical. Pixel for pixel. Look at the flare! It looks like a hasty copy and paste. Why would they copy and paste 90% of an image to another? It´s not just them editing stuff out, now they are blatantly changing images altogether.

These SOHO images are taken 2 hours apart, over midnight on Sep 19 to early morning Sep 20, so the background stars should have moved. They did not, on the right hand side after the cut and past strip. Note even the meteor streak, a temporary affair always, is identical! But the doctored Jupiter and the stars to the left of the cut and paste strip did move. The doctored background was not inserted properly, an obvious slip-up.